Zepeto: Food Fight Fren-Z

Relish Studios



Food Fight Fren-Z is a world on the Zepeto platform where players can explore a fun night-market environment and play games of match-3. Available to play on mobile on the Zepeto app, there have been over 170K plays so far! I was the technical and environment artist on this project and worked on creating the environment assets, pet assets, and VFX for the match-3 gameplay.


Working with my Art Director, Flo Young, we developed and created the lobby environment where players can interact with each other, take fun photos and purchase exclusive clothing items and game power-ups. Using a purchased asset pack as a base, we modelled, textured, and assembled the environment in Unity.


The pets are a big component of the game, serving as the mascots of the world and giving players different power-ups and abilities during the match-3 gameplay. Our team worked together to design the characters, based on a previously purchased asset pack. Once they were designed, I modelled and textured them, and prepared them for rigging and animation.

Clothing Items

We also created some themed clothing players could purchase, so I created some cute pet-themed items using Zepeto Studio assets as a template. I modelled, textured, and rigged some custom items as well.


I also worked on the VFX for the match-3 gameplay, designing and creating VFX for each of the boosts, pet abilities, and general matching effects. I used Unity’s Particle System as well as some custom drawn spritesheets.